Incredible Drone Footage – This! Is MMI Industrial & Steel

MMI Industrial and Steel has been part of the Mesa, Arizona community and the steel fabrication industry since 1974. Our fabrication capabilities are limitless due to a diverse project portfolio and our multi-million-dollar machining and equipment inventory. We offer tooling that is modernized and automated, allowing for fast service and unsurpassed quality with the utmost attention to detail.

Along with the best tools in the business, MMI also employs the best people in the business. There is no job too big or too small for our talented employees. We have the ability to scale beyond 100 dedicated crew members to meet your project timelines. With all the appropriate certifications, our welders and fabricators are knowledgeable, experienced and committed and our AISC certification ensures our quality output is above industry standards.

MMI Industrial & Steel’s current service menu includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Beam, plate, and pipe automation
  • Skids, hoppers, chutes, platforms and catwalks for industrial, agricultural and mining industries
  • Beams, columns, canopies, embeds, stairs and rails for commercial construction
  • Hoist and crane support structures
  • On-site QA/QC
  • Dedicated project management

 We are ready for your next project!